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Throughout his career James has worked with schools, youth organizations, civic groups, small business associations, government agencies and large companies to share the principles of success and leadership development. As a coach, he has guided business executives, pastors and educational leaders in integrating these principles in their life.

James is a graduate of the first class of Ziglar Certified Trainers and the Ziglar Certified Coaches. He is also a John Maxwell Team member certified trainer, speaker and coach, being the third person in the world to achieve both the Ziglar and Maxwell certifications. He is now one of the two Co-founders of Generation Ziglar whose mission is "To inspire the next generation to impact future generations."

Lack of motivation and poor leadership development are the biggest challenges facing businesses, organizations and individuals today. The good news is there is a simple solution!

James McLamb

James served eight years as a high school teacher, and was awarded the National Outstanding Young Member by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF AGRICULTURAL EDUCATORS. He has served for 15 years as president of a family-owned wholesale nursery operation doubling the size of the nursery and tripling the sales of the 800-acre operation. Both are experiences that have now led him to being a world-renowned speaker and coach.

His loves and passions are his family, his faith, and his commitment to creating a positive revolution in the world.

My parents, Thurman and Marie McLamb, my four agriculture teachers James Langdon, Scott Johnson, Robert Hardie, Kendall Parker and the most wonderful person in the world, my wife, Melissa McLamb.
You are what you are and where you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change what you are, you can change where you are, by changing what has gone into your mind.
The Bible, particularly the book of James (really, that is my favorite book of the Bible) and The Power of Who by Bob Beaudine.
To finish visiting all the states in the US, not too many left.

From the time Matt was in the 8th grade, he knew his life’s ambition was to help others become more than they ever thought possible. Since then, his speeches and seminars have inspired thousands of people.

Having grown up on a farm and ranch in rural New Mexico, he brings a common sense, “farm boy” logic to his speaking and training. Matt is a graduate of the first class of Ziglar Certified Trainers and the Ziglar Certified Coaches. He is now one of the two co-founders of Generation Ziglar whose mission is "To inspire the next generation to impact future generations."

You can do more, be more and have more than you ever thought possible, you just have to be willing to get over yourself to get there.

Matt Rush

He has served as the former CEO of the New Mexico Farm Bureau and past president of the Ethos Leadership Group. He also previously served on the American Farm Bureau’s Foundation for Agriculture Board of Directors.

He has won state and national awards for his public speaking, co-authored several books on leadership, and is authoring the upcoming book, The Power of an Inch. He has been quoted in Bloomberg Business Weekly, NPR, PBS and ABC News.

Rush is passionate about his values, helping others, and is dedicated to the development of a strong, successful future for our current and upcoming generation.

My Grandad Rush (my dad's dad) and my Mema Dobbs (my mom's mom). My Granddad Rush died before I was born. People still talk about what a great man he was. His example inspired me to live a life that long after I am gone people will still be talking so highly about the man I was. Mema is absolutely the most positive person I have ever met. Because of declining health we recently had to put her in a nursing home. Her comment was, 'Isn't it just wonderful they have these places to take care of us. Aren't we blessed?' In the midst of what most people would consider a depressing situation, she saw the positives. I aspire to be like these two amazing people.
People often say motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing--that's why we recommend it daily.
Two books instantly come to mind. 42 Pages, a book about how one person, Thomas Paine, convinced the country to go to war for our independence in his book Common Sense, which was only 42 pages long. The other book is, The Secret. A book that has had an incredible impact on my life. It's taught me how to train my mind to expect the best.
To own a house in Hawaii!



Shannon Norris

Director of Curriculum Development