Brandon Baumgarten

Generation Ziglar Certified Youth Trainer

  • 918-934-5825
  • Keynotes, Workshops, Conference Facilitation, College, High School, Middle School, Elementary, Faith-based, Teacher Inservice, Personal Coaching
  • Shawnee, Oklahoma , United States

Brandon Baumgarten

"You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life."

Engage. Encourage. Empower.

Brandon Baumgarten grew up in the small town of Oilton, Oklahoma. Passionate about speaking into people’s lives, Brandon jokes that he first started speaking when he first learned how to talk. While attending grade school, Brandon was exposed to much intense bullying, peer pressure, depression, and very low self-esteem. However, with the help of many influential teachers, friends, and mentors, Brandon learned how to overcome these challenges and rediscovered who he was as a leader. Upon entering high school, Brandon became an active member of the local FFA chapter and recognized his calling to reach others, Brandon became passionate about helping people realize their life's potential, purpose, and influence. From 2011-2013, Brandon served the Oklahoma FFA Association as State Secretary, State President, and as a National Officer Candidate representing nearly 25,000 students on the local, state, and national levels. Brandon is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and has spoken and trained nearly 1,000 audiences nationwide. In 2011, he was selected as one of the Top 50 High School Speakers in the United States through his involvement in the National American Legion Oratory Competition. Collectively, these life experiences have allowed Brandon to build upon an array of lessons learned over time turned into practical and relatable advice. Brandon is also a Zig Ziglar Legacy & Youth Certified Speaker, speaking at many corporate events, church functions, school assemblies, youth events, and more! His 7 main topics are Ambassadorship, Decision-Making, Servant Leadership, Resolving Conflict, Social Media, Connecting With Clients, and School Issues. If you are looking for an Impact-Driven Presentation which could potentially change the lives of your audience members, then consider booking Brandon for your next event!