Stop looking down, and start looking up!

The Generation Ziglar Outdoor Leadership Experience will be a time for empowerment, leadership and success.

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Imagine a week long backpacking experience in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

Imagine an outdoor classroom that would create a firm foundation to build a successful future.

If you are between the ages of 16-26 and want an outdoor leadership experience like never before, then we want to talk to you!


Transform in the Outdoors


Reaching new personal heights with Gen Z training!

Have the Power of Purpose

By channeling the power of purpose in your life, creating an unwavering belief in yourself and building strong relationships with others, you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

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Surviving in the Great Outdoors.

Feed Your Soul

Throughout your week long Outdoor Experience, you will learn how to feed yourself, feed your soul and carry your own weight through outdoor cooking, reconnecting with nature and backpacking.

Trip Itinerary


Living the Outdoor Experience.

Successfully Navigate Life

Life will always be a combination of smooth water and tumultuous rapids. By rafting the river, conquering the ropes course and hiking the Appalachian Trail, our goal for you is to be able to successfully navigate life.

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Testimonies from the Trail

"When I first heard about the experience I was only thinking about the outdoor aspect. I didn’t even consider that the personal growth part was extremely valuable and just happened to be exactly what I need in this stage of my life.”

Garrson Greco,

"Being taught Ziglar principles and then being able to go out into the wilderness and reflect upon what I’ve learned while being physically and mentally challenged allowed me to delve deeper within myself to apply those principles to my life.”

Bryce Gutierrez,

"I am blessed to have gained a whole new family at Ziglar Outdoors. I had to overcome major challenges, physically and with myself. I now have the confidence in myself and the resources to help me set, reach and achieve my dreams/goals”

Jessica Gutierrez,

"Ziglar outdoors has given me a new prospective on success and goal setting; it has taught me skills I need to be successful…it has given me a positive mindset and excitement for my future.”

Holly Duffett,

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