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Ziglar Youth Certification is a life-altering 2.5-day course at the Ziglar Headquarters in Dallas, Texas, which illuminates the revolutionary work of Master Motivator and Trainer, Zig Ziglar. The ZYC program was designed for people ages 16-26 years old who want to make a positive difference in the lives of youth in the world.

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Ziglar Youth Certification - Durham

Ziglar’s most powerful presentations and methodologies

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Goal Setting

The key to achieving one’s maximum potential is to have precise, clearly-set goals. You’ll learn the power of purpose, and how to convey to impressionable youths the importance of goal setting in their life’s journey.


Believing in You

Keeping things simple is the surest path to a positive self-image. This course helps you understand your unique traits, eliminate negative thoughts, and strengthen self-esteem so you can teach young people the same.



Life is all about relationships. How well you get along with people is critical to accomplishing your goals in school, work, or family situations, so knowing the four steps to building strong, healthy relationships is essential.


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