Jace Kolar

The Ziglar Youth Certification not only gave me access to the keys that make a successful approach to the life you live but I was also given the opportunity to actually see the potential I have to change the world. ZYC isn’t just about letting you know who you can be in this world, it’s about who ...Read More


Amador Gonzales

The ZYC training really helped me to understand how I can better make a positive influence in the lives of youth and give them the tools necessary to succeed in a continuously thriving and changing world, all while becoming a more confident presenter myself

New Mexico

Bryce Gutierrez

Being taught Ziglar principles and then being able to go out into the wilderness and reflect upon what I’ve learned while being physically and mentally challenged allowed me to delve deeper within myself to apply those principles to my life.


Brooklan Light

The experience at Generation Ziglar is second to none. Every strong building or life is only “as tall as its foundation is strong,” and GenZ is built with such a strong foundation of roots that are so deep. I gained so many new skills, ideas and connections that ensure personal growth and positive ...Read More


Julia Knaggs

My ZYC experience left me feeling refreshed and confident in my purpose. The content you learn over the course of four days in this program is relevant, honest, and personal. Best of all, you get to learn alongside a group of other motivated young people of all backgrounds and experience levels who ...Read More


Faith Snapp

My Ziglar Youth Certification experience was one that I will never forget! From meeting new people, learning important speaking skills, putting on encouraging workshops, to learning how to use my talents to impact others, my time with Generation Ziglar was nothing short of amazing. I am forever grateful ...Read More


Cody McQueen

The Ziglar Youth Certification taught me more than I ever expected. Through the training my eyes were open to new strategies and ways of impacting youth. The growth that I experienced through the training equipped me with content and confidence that will propel me to a more successful future.


Philip Rhodes

When I found out about the Ziglar Youth Certification, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. When I walked into the facilities, I was welcomed with smiling faces and a positive attitude. Getting to know some great people and learning how to do some really inspiring things helped me have an amazing experience. ...Read More

South Carolina

Kynzi Creighton

Generation Ziglar really opened my eyes to my full potential and showed me how truly successful I could be. It taught me the importance of setting goals, building solid relationship and maintaining a positive self image.

New Mexico

Gatlynn Johnson

The Ziglar Youth Certification is such a welcoming and heartwarming place to be! Coming here is such a blessing, I am thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to meet such amazing people plus develop a vision on how I can positively impact future generations! Thank you Generation Ziglar for this gift!!
...Read More


Kirby Schmidt

The Ziglar Youth Certification program and GenZ family is truly about helping you help others. When they say they want to help they MEAN it. The GenZ family is truly a community committed to helping others and reflecting value into the lives of others. It was here that I finally accepted and gave ...Read More


Valerie Luhman

When you attend a Ziglar Youth Certification class, you not only make life long relationships, but also challenge your goals and your dreams.

Sara Beth McLamb

Generation Ziglar gave me a place where I could serve others to let them know they are wonderfully created. That every person has something to offer in this world. Generation Ziglar helped me find a purpose to my passion of helping others!

North Carolina

Brandon Baumgarten

As a young speaker fresh out of college, I knew I needed more stability and mentorship for the longevity of my career. Finding the right people to invest in you and bring out your best can often be difficult. However, the family at the Ziglar Youth Certification training provide not only the resources and materials you need to succeed as a presenter, but also the mentoring, coaching, and desire to see you succeed on every level.


Jake Reib

Gen Ziglar gave me the experience and the confidence to do what I felt called to do. Before ZYC, I was scared to talk about what I was passionate about and was scared to take a step into a world in which I wasn’t experienced. Through ZYC, I learned how to be confident in myself, and I learned what ...Read More


Juedon Kebede

I have always wanted to make a positive impact for the youth in my community but ZYC equipped me with the tools I needed to be a successful change agent for the youth of Memphis.

Teacher Memphis

Victor Salazar

The Ziglar Youth Certification program will empower and enable you to succeed! Taught by experienced leaders, you'll learn how to impact youth, help them believe in their abilities, and change the world one person at a time. We're starting a revolution of belief in American youth, are you in?

...Read More


Lydia Rudd

ZYC impacted me greatly by reminding me how important my passions and goals are, and how I can achieve them. It was 4 days with a group of passionate, driven people that I got to grow with in developing leadership skills. We all had personal growth spurts that were shocking in the space of 4 days, and ...Read More

North Carolina

Taylin Antonick

The Ziglar Youth Certification helped me develop a clear, concise platform for reaching students and administrators alike. This program enables us to share positive value with students that are not surrounded by those values.


Victoria Crowsey

The Ziglar Youth Certification changed my life forever. I believe God placed me here for a reason, to see a new path that I can take in life. I can’t thank everyone enough for showing me how I can change the world..


Shannon Norris

In life, people often experience events that change the direction of our future, but we rarely have the opportunity to confirm our purpose. ZYC is life-affirming. It reminds us of our greater calling to serve a world that desperately needs leaders. ZYC equips participants with the skills, drive, ...Read More

New Mexico

Logan Hanson

Ziglar Youth Training went beyond simply providing a curriculum to deliver. As a young adult it helped me to find a platform to start from. Being immersed in such an amazing family has helped me to grow my facilitation and connect with a broader audience.


Zachary Andrews

GenZ brings together real things and presents the content in a real manner. Never have I felt so confident after leaving a program and now I KNOW that I CAN make a difference. The experience offered, really pushes you to dig deep and find where you are meant to impact others.

Brittany Bowman

Generation Ziglar's Youth Certification program gives me a platform to give youth practical solutions to the issues I see or have seen them struggling with for years. As an aspiring young professional, the friendships I have made with people across the country is invaluable. Ziglar is one of the ...Read More


Brittany Bowman

Generation Ziglar is all about changing the world--starting with the next generation of youth. By becoming Ziglar Youth Certified, I now have a platform that I can use to reach out and help those around me develop their self-image, set goals, and build healthy and purposeful relationships. I left the ...Read More


Alex Valicek

Our the past few days with GenZ, I have been impacted in more ways than I know. Gen Z taught me to embrace my own style and that my message is important but how I portray it is most important. I am so blessed to have had this opportunity to grow with my peers.

Brock Thompson

ZYC has been an absolute blessing and the special, talented, motivated individuals I have been privileged to meet are a huge reason! The skills I have learned will empower me tp push others to excellence. My goal is to impact a positive change in the nation and this course has been the first step.

...Read More

Cadlyn Smith

This conference not only gave me the opportunity to better my skills and provide me with the resources to be successful, but I was able to truly understand my WHY and purpose!
James and Matt are phenomenal teachers plus the other participants played a huge role in my success throughout the course. ...Read More

Lindsey Cobb

I have no doubts that this week has been a God sent for me. I have been asked to come for a long time but I didn’t think I could come without a “why” and that has been something I have struggled with the last few years. Thanks to ZYC I have found my why! I am so excited to take this home ...Read More

Lizzi Neal

Generation Ziglar not only refined, improved, and added to my personal skill set but the entire experience ignited a belief within myself that I am worth it, I am enough.
GenZ didn’t just help me find my message but taught me the importance of my purpose, my why and for that I am forever grateful. ...Read More

Riley Thompson

I learned to be confident in myself, confident in leading others and confident in my goals for the future. I know now that I can influence others, being a shining light because I found the confidence that is vital to lead